Buying a Rocker Recliner



Rocker recliners fall into the category of best recliners. They are highly in demand and essential for nursing mothers who find it difficult to nurse their child on bed. Rocker gliders are also comfortable when you want to read or relax after a tiring day.

The rocker chairs today come in a variety of styles, including extra padding for the footrest. Some of the highly stylish versions of these chairs are an absolute bliss to look at in the living room. From classic to sleek, you can find a long list of features in the rocker recliners today.  But so many features can also be confusing. This guide will help you know what to look for when buying a rocker recliner.

What to look for:


Rocker chairs come with a great deal of head and back support. But that also depends on the brand you purchase. When purchasing a recliner that rocks, ensure that it fits the size of your body. The feet must never touch the ground as it disturbs the angle of the back.

Padded armrests

Arms require rest too when sitting on a rocker chair. Ensure that your rocker chair gives your arms enough space to rest. Your arms should be open enough to be away from the stomach. For nursing mothers, checking the comfort of armrest is important.

Sturdy frame

You don’t want to invest on a chair that loses its balance and strength in a short time span. Check the sharp edges, strength of the screws and the gap between the framework to ensure fingers and feet would not trap your fingers and legs. Also make sure that the wooden frame is heavy enough to last for a long time after constant rocking

Easy to clean

Spit up, drool and dirt are common issues when mothers are nursing their child on a rocker recliner. The fabric you select should be washable and easy to clean.

Locking mechanism:

Some rocker chairs have a locking mechanism for the forward and backward motion. This makes it easier to sit and stand without hurting your toes and fingers. Also, it protects the toddlers from slipping or hurting themselves.

Matching Ottoman

Many rocker recliners also come with a separate glider and rocker. An ottoman designed only for your glider can have great utility as it has a similar motion. The best recliners today come with a matching ottoman feature.

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