The Culture of Using Filters

I have complained once or twice about the rise of easy-edit & Filter culture. Though, there are still certain advantages, including size and resolution, that cell phone photography can’t quite match yet, but that doesn’t mean that means dream photography shouldn’t be thinking of ways to diversify what they do. If they are so threatened by filter technology, camera filter apps and other such things, then that is a sign of major insecurity that may just be warranted. I don’t know if they know how relevant that is, or if that’s what it means, that’s what it’s starting to seemed to me, and in my opinion that makes a lot of logical sense. So, if you’re anything like me, I would suggest two people to keep taking pictures, using a good filter, and editing them, and threatening the powers-that-be. The worst thing that happens is that a bunch of money comes back to the people, because their corporations can’t keep up anymore. The best thing that happens? It raises the bar for the commercial industry, and they start creating images that normal people can’t afford to create. That’s where they need to go right now. Everything is changing in the world, anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. In my opinion. But, you know me, I’ve been loopy with my big ideas.

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