Everything Online with Amazon

So, what’s the deal with Amazon Prime? Well, I think that I’m of the opinion that Amazon Prime Canada is the most under-utilized and underused resource in the entire country. Is that a bold statement, of course it is, it’s a huge statement but I think that Amazon Prime fully justifies any prize that I give it. And trust me, I’m not want to give mine this praise to some Corporation just because they are willing to pay me or something like that, no no, I am an underground kind of person, but when capitalism really strikes it on the nose and does something fantastic, I can’t help but rejoice in it. After all, I am a consumer, and Amazon Prime is one of the most revolutionary tools for the consumer that has entered the scene in modern history. Trust me, I know that I’m using big language to describe this, it’s intentional, and I won’t back down from it. I think that if you’re a student, there is no reason that you shouldn’t using Amazon Prime. If you’re saying that you wouldn’t ever use it, because you’re not the kind of person who shops online, my suggestion would be to use Amazon Prime and learn to shop online, because it will save you time and money. And time is money, and the amount of time that you can spin save by shopping on Amazon Prime instead of shopping at physical locations, and the amount of money that you can save by simply purchase a membership rather than paying for gas and transportation and other expenses, is huge.

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