My First Travel Abroad

I am excited to announce that I will be having my first travel abroad. My boss wanted me to go to Singapore to attend a convention where our company is invited and my boss wanted me to be the representative in the event. I am now preparing my luggage as I will be leaving two weeks from now. However, I think there are many things I have not packed yet. My mother told me I lacked accessories in my luggage. Well, I have a leather jacket, a leather bag, a pair of jeans and a pair of high heels.


I also have slacks and blazers for two days. I should also be bringing with me rubber shoes so I can walk around Singapore during my last two days. Well honestly I do not have enough accessories. I do not have belts, scarves, timepieces, earrings necklaces or whatsoever. I am sure a lot of delegates will be wearing their most absolutely stunning outfit especially during the gala and fellowship night. My mother walked into my room last night and I can’t believe what she brought me–two Zegarki wooden watches I can wear during the convention. I am really surprised and those two watches really looked stunning and classy it definitely matches my outfits for the formal event I will be attending. I hope I make an impression to our clients during the event.


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