Hooray for the Weekend


I literally do not have sufficient point to shop for new clothes! My company is doing well since it was launched last year and I am literally doing all the jovs–from the operations, marketing, finance, and in the sales. Not that I am complaining but I noticed I do not have time to shop for my own clothes or just add a few shirts in my wardrobe. I am thinking if I take a day off mt business will be neglected that is why I am starting to hire one or two staff to help me out in the daily operations of the company.

To my frustration, I tried out online shopping and honestly, I am quite impressed. I bought two coats in an online shop and I also bought books, some home appliances and hair care product for myself. I also bought two best wooden watches to give as a gift for ny auntie who just celebrated her birthday yesterday. Aside from these, it is fun to shop dresses and shoes in some online shops because they are so easy to transcat with. I no lobger have to drive to the mall or fall in line just to pay for my purchases. With just mere laptop and a string internet access, I can literally buy anything I want in just once click.

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