A must-have for every students

Well, slow down, I know that I had been asking for a lot of suggestions about what exactly I should be doing about figuring out what grade I need it on my final exam, because the way that my teacher break down the course is so complicated, that I couldn’t figure out what I needed to get on my final exam to get the grade that I need to move on in my program. Do you know what I mean? I mean it seems like every single teacher has their own, annoying, distinct way of weighing each and every element of the coursework and examinations and participation grades, etcetera. Do you know what I mean? Like, oh my God, it’s so frustrating. It would be so nice if each teacher could just agree on like a uniform way of grading in this regard, but I guess that that is a bit of a pipe dream on my end. You know, to be fair, I realize that, so I wish for it but I don’t expect it. That seems to be a certain recipe for crushing disappointment to come– you know– to have such high wishes and even if your expectations are low, you still want something more. Anyway, this website, which is basically a final exam calculator, does exactly what I need. It tells me what Mark I need to get on my final exam, check the post with my current Mark in that class, to get the end result from the course that I committed to getting. Basically, this is important, because if I need a very high Mark, I will know that I should be studying more on that course, where is some courses, I can deal with having a slightly lower mark on my final exam, and still get a Mark in that class that I’ll be happy with. So, calculators like this are very appreciated for students like me, and I think they’re useful for almost anyone. Well, at least almost any student.


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