Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When we are designing a professional digital marketing strategy as in companies like Vancouver SEO whose goal is to generate traffic to a website, we can opt for different tools. The most effective are search marketing or email marketing.

Marketing strategies

For online marketing in search engines we can opt for two strategies: organic SEO positioning or SEM positioning, but in this article, we will focus on the last mentioned, we will define it and analyze its advantages and disadvantages.

What is SEM positioning?

It is a digital marketing strategy which has tools that base your business model on the cost per click to the advertising platform that a user has made about an advertisement. The most popular platform is Google Adwords.

Now, when it comes to including in our digital marketing plan, we must see what they offer us based on our goals. For example, if our objective is to achieve a landing page registrations in a certain period we should opt for SEM positioning. But if we want to position the services of our company in search engines, the most profitable is to carry out an SEO positioning strategy, which we can support in the first few months with a SEM positioning campaign, since SEO results are not immediate.

Advantages of SEM Positioning

  • We can position as many keywords as we want. However, it is desirable that the keywords respond as best as possible to what we offer so that the visits are profitable.
  • If our marketing campaign is planned properly, we will have a short-term profitability.
  • We can determine which landing page to direct the traffic, depending on which page of our website we want to generate traffic by creating specific campaigns.
  • We can choose what message we want to appear in search engines and create different versions. They do not influence the contents of the web or its structure. What we pointed out before, even a page in flash may appear in the top positions of sponsored results.
  • Depending on the investment and the cost-per-click of each campaign keyword, we can forecast the results or visits we will reach.



Disadvantage of SEM positioning

  • Visits are based on the investment. So much investment, so many visits we get.
  • The moment we stop investing, we disappear from the search engines.
  • There are many people invest in Google Adwords and plan their campaign. A few days later he discovers that he has not obtained any results and therefore, concludes that Google Adwords serves no more than to lose money. If we want to avoid this, it is best to entrust our planning to a professional SEO positioning with Vancouver SEO. They will know how to monetize our money.

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