How to Setup Various Bluetooth Beacon Technology Platforms

These are for people who don’t know how to carry out any of the installation or are held up in the setting up of any of the Bluetooth beacon technology platforms

How to Setup Your IOS Device to It to transmit iBeacon

iBeacon has the power to sending desired data to a close device by the location range. iBeacon can only send data or information through iOS phones. This is how you can setup your iOS device to be  able to send out iBeacon signals.

Step 1: go to the application store on your iOS device and download the recent version of Xcode. Xcode is a developer tool for coding, debugging, testing and to design the user interface which enables better workflow

Step 2: download and you will unzip the open source app called GemTot for IOS

Step 3: after you have unzipped the file, open the file that is named GemTotSDK.xcodeproj. The xcode will then launch itself and open the sample code you download

Step 4: you will now plug your phone into your computer. You notice a header; click it and select your iphone from the shown list of devices.

Step 5:  when completed, click on the play sign. Immediately you will receive a pop on your computer screen showing build succeeded.

You have successfully installed it.


How to Make Your Device Browser to Accept Eddystone- URL

Eddystone-URL gives Bluetooth low energy transmission signal marketing a whole new definition. There is no need for a mobile phone app, but just browser URL which plays the role of the app.

Step 1: you have to download a chrome browser on your phone

Step 2: Enable the Chrome browser widget for that day and ensure it scans for any physical web object

Step 3: plug in the Eddystone-URL beacons platform that sends signal

Step 4: you have to wait for the Eddystone-URL to show by refreshing the today’s tab

Step 5: you can check the URL, and you start enjoying the physical web experience


How to setup your Heatmapper

Hetmapper is entirely free; you will have to complete an email registration to download it.

When you provide an active mail, the link to follow to download it will be sent to you immediately.

To install heat mapper is not a complicated process. You will need to give admin privileges during installation, and you have to click it a few times. You will be mandated to download and install a network drive. After that is done your heat mapper is ready for use.

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